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Registration for The Gut Health Programme is now closed!

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Ready to address your gut health?

Address poor gut health and the multitude of symptoms associated with it 

Learn about how nurturing your gut and lifestyle can have AMAZING benefits for 


  • Constipation 

  • Bad Skin 

  • Bloating 

  • Digestive issues 

  • Mood (yes - we said it!)

  • Sugar cravings 

  • Tiredness 

Learn about how you can improve your gut health and find a more energetic, healthier you!


A huge, warm welcome from me (Rosie Hogg, Registered Dietitian) and my wonderful colleague and co-founder Cat Nash, Registered Dietitian. 


If so, it’s fantastic to have you here with us. 


Both of us are Registered Dietitians with a specialism in gastroenterology, digestive disorders, and dietary health. ​


We’re supported by our wonderful private practice colleagues; Kathryn Pitchers, Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian, and our Social Media Manager & Trainee Dietitian, Abby Torrie. ​


We have over 18 years of joint experience in both public and private healthcare settings, helping people like you overcome symptoms from IBS, poor gut health, and other digestive diseases.​


And last but certainly not least:


We’ve been through it too… the digestive distress, the health anxieties, the embarrassing symptoms, constipation, intolerable skin conditions and more.

 But not anymore.


​​It’s why we’re so excited to have you reading this: ​After years of study, research, and first-hand experience (both in the NHS and in private practice), we are so proud to present you with the answers you’ve been looking for. ​


To show you what we mean, here’s Cat with a story about one of our recent private practice clients, Sarah*​*If you’ve read our emails before, you’ll know we’ve changed Sarah’s real name to protect her privacy - something we value for all our clients.​


We’re guessing you’ve already tried most of the common ‘solutions’ for improving your gut health: 


Cutting out foods to identify your triggers… yet you STILL suffer with gastrointestinal symptoms.


Skipping meals to escape the hassle of bloating, cramps, indigestion and constipation.


Buying expensive gut health supplements from a quick google search or social media.


And yet you STILL FEEL uncomfortable, like something isn't quite right with your gut.


Meanwhile, all those quick fixes that you’ve been sold? None of them work. 

The ‘superfoods’. The multivitamins. The advice from influencers and models… 

Either way, whatever you’ve tried… 

Things still aren't right.


   It leaves you frustrated and out of pocket, with Gastrointestinal symptoms to boot. 

But listen up.

Because both Rosie and I are here to tell you something VERY important.

Handing over to Rosie…

You need to learn the truth: 

And while I know IBS can make you feel like you’re constantly doing the wrong thing… 

Sad truth #1: The diet and food industry make billions from selling us gut-related products (in fact, the probiotics market alone was valued at $54.73 billion in 2022!)

Sad truth #2: Some of the ‘nutritionists' giving advice online are NOT qualified enough to provide dietary or healthcare advice.

Sad Truth #3: Food industries make it REALLY hard for you to feel confident in what is good for your gut, and what is not. 



As stated by the British Dietetics Association (the only official and legally recognised dietetics association in the UK):


‘Registered Dietitians (RDs) are the only qualified health professionals that can legally and safely assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems.’’


It’s why the term ‘dietitian’ is a legally protected term. 
In fact, you can be fined up to £5,000 if you call yourself a dietitian without proper registration and vetting!

Yet when it comes to your health and wellbeing?


Time-poor doctors, money-hungry corporations, and under-qualified media personalities are giving you advice that just doesn’t work for you.


Well, we’re happy to say, finally, after years of research and experience helping people just like you…


We now have an answer. 


Because unlike ever before, we’ve made the process of tackling poor gut health actionable and accessible to those who need it most…


…without the over-the-top costs, long waits for the doctor, or unsustainable lifestyle changes. 


And if you’re ready to make a change in your life, you can learn how to do it easily!


All with expert, personalised guidance from a team of dietetic specialists who’ve been through it too… and now live life fully in control of their digestive health. 


We’re super excited to share this with you.


We can’t wait for you to see the same results as the countless others who empowered themselves in both public and private healthcare.


The 90 day online self learning programme for helping you to uncover the truth behind your triggers, restore the Gut-Brain Axis, reinvigorate your gut microbiome, and say goodbye to symptoms like bloating, low energy, bad skin and constipation.

Led by the Co-founders of Oxford Gastro Dietitians, Cat Nash, RD, and Rosie Hogg, RD, The Gut Health Revival gives you guidance for tackling EVERY aspect of your unique gut health journey… 

In turn, you’ll finally have all the knowledge, skills, and support you need to take charge of your poor gut health; enabling you to rediscover fun, food, and freedom.  

Want to start a new chapter in life… without the symptoms that have been holding you back? 

Take a look at what you get when you secure your access to The Gut Health Revival.


With the course personally designed and guided by a team of expert dietitians (who’ve been through their own digestive disorders just like you!), The Gut Health Revival gives you the ability to:

Uncover the truth about YOUR unique gastrointestinal symptoms - where it all started, why, and how you can tackle your unique sensitivities with expert, evidence-based guidance.


Identify your unique triggers with true accuracy - no more cutting out entire food groups or skipping meals…


Restore your Gut-Brain Axis and gut microbiome without overhauling your day-to-day life…


Wake up feeling refreshed, energetic, and symptom-free, actually looking forward to the day ahead… 


Feel at home in your body and turn heads with your new vibrant energy and the glow of your skin…


Say goodbye to the fear of abdominal pain, nausea, constipation, and/or diarrhoea… and your fears of what others think…


Put a stop to letting others down with cancelled plans…


Rediscover the delicious foods you’ve been missing… while saying good riddance to the select few ingredients that don’t work for you. 


Start wearing your favourite clothes again - without worrying about bloating…


Enjoy a regular, healthy relationship with your digestive system… without having to rely on medications 


Get through your weekly shop without spending hours scanning the back of labels… and actually fill your trolley with food you like! 


Rediscover your sense of spontaneity and fun - go out for a meal at that restaurant you used to avoid, take a friend for coffee and cake (without interrogating the staff on the ingredients!), and enjoy intimate moments with your partner… all without stress.

trying again sales website pitch .png

The Gut Health Revival is truly everything you need to look back in 90 days and realise that poor gut health is no longer in charge… You are. 


Each module contains a replayable video taking you through important steps and a workbook for you to work through your goals. 

You will also get additional resources such as our probiotic reference guide - a favourite here hat Oxford Gastro Dietitians! 

Get the guidance you need at a HUGE fraction of the cost!

The programme starts when your ready, and you will have access indefinitely.…
So if life gets busy - you can come back to it anytime! 

trying again sales website pitch  (1).png

Nick, UK

"I can’t thank Rosie enough... my symptoms have gone!"

Hanna, UK

"My symptoms were reduced massively... a solid plan of action that has been remarkably easy to follow"

Jim, UK

"My digestive problem has improved... I recommend them warmly"


For a sneak peek at what you get on the programme, here’s how you will benefit when you join the gut health programme

Module 1: Gut Healt

Module 2: The Gut Microbiome

Module 4: Plant Points

Module 3: The Magic of Fibre

Module 5: Supplements

Module 9: The Impact of Sleep

Module 8: The Beauty of Dirt 

Module 7: The Gut Brain Axis 

Module 6: Common Gut Concerns

Module 11: Active Living

Module 10: Stress

Module 12: Lifelong Habits 

Learn all about how your gut health impacts your overall health - and discover how to avoid nasty long-term health issues. 

Discover the much-misunderstood gut microbiome and learn the real causes behind your particular brand of digestive distress. 

Uncover the easy-to-follow and cost-effective ways to find the right fibre, prebiotics, probiotics, and psychobiotics for your diet - without spending hours in the supermarket! 

Find the most sustainable route to restore your gut health via the ‘Super Six’ plant groups you need in your shopping basket - and how to easily fit them into your diet, even if you can’t cook! 

Save time, money, and frustration by learning about the which supplements are actually worth your attention… and which you can leave on the shop shelves. 

Prepare for every eventuality by learning about every single gut concern - from constipation to diarrhoea and everything in between, we teach you an action plan for the lot!

Arm yourself with the secret weapon that 99% of IBS sufferers will never even learn about… The Gut-Brain Axis.

Discover the shocking evidence of why over cleaning with supposedly ‘safe’ household chemicals could be affecting your gut health… and what to use instead to feel clean and safe.

Learn to unwind before bed - and sleep throughout the night - so you can wake up feeling refreshed and excited for the day ahead.

Take advantage of the latest up-to-the-minute research and finally learn to kick back and relax… without feeling selfish, spoiled, or like you’re wasting time! 

Find the right exercise for you and say goodbye to the exercises you hate by incorporating gut-healthy activities that don’t have to involve a gym or a jog.

Graduate from the programme with simple lifelong habits that will support your gut health for time to come. 


Now, you might be wondering what makes us qualified to talk about digestive disorders and gut health… 

Here’s who we are…


A team of specialist dietitians with a combined experience of over 18 years… helping people like you take control of their gastrointestinal and digestive disorders. 


Experienced in both public NHS work and in private practice… with years of firsthand experience in helping patients like you find lasting relief.


And crucially… we’ve been there too. We’ve gone through the symptoms. 

The bloating, the cramps, the constipation, and the diarrhoea. 


We’ve gone through the drained energy, the terrible skin, the lack of sleep, and the constant worry over another flare-up… cancelled plans, workplace embarrassments, that constant feeling of discomfort. 

We know your pain

In fact, that’s how both of us ended up working within the speciality of gastroenterology. 


It’s why we set up Oxford Gastro Dietitians, working with our wonderful colleagues Kathryn Pitchers, RD, and Abby Torrie, Trainee Dietitian.

And now, after 18 years of joint experience, battling through our own symptoms, years of study and research, and helping countless NHS patients and over 80 private clients with gastroenterological conditions like Coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease and, of course, IBS…  

Now, finally, we’ve been able to put all that knowledge into one place - an actionable online programme: The Gut Health Revival.

Woman at the Beach

Alexa, 30, Cornwall UK,

From confused to empowered

‘‘What an absolute pleasure to meet the lovely Rosie, who was highly recommended by my trusted and well-respected Oxford liver consultant. Her thorough professionalism and focus on my requirements left me feeling infinitely more confident and knowledgeable about how I will be going forward with my challenging diet.”
Model IG _yessi_esquitin_edited.jpg

Clare, 24, London UK

From restricted to food freedom

“I was so pleased with my consultation with Cat, who was so knowledgeable and a great listener. It felt very holistic, and I really appreciated the research done prior to my condition and hearing about the evidence base. I came away with lots of yummy things I can now eat whilst still feeling like I am using a really good, healthy approach to managing my condition.”
Image by Samuel Raita

Morgan, 36, Leeds UK

From IBS uncertainty to retaking control

“I sincerely recommend working with Oxford Gastro Dietitians. They provided a very professional service based on scientific evidence. My sessions with Rosie were very useful, she provided me guidance on how to manage my extreme IBS symptoms through dieting, medications, and lifestyle changes.”
Portrait at Home

Sarah, 45, Brighton UK

From poor gut frustration to reassured

''I wish I had tried this years ago. The guidance given was thorough with good quality evidence to back up the advice. The approach was systematic, and I was given information on lots of additional useful resources. Highly recommended.''


The questions on your lips… Just how much does all this cost? 


And that’s not just in terms of money… it’s in terms of time and dedication too. 


After all, if you’ve tried fixing things in the past, you’ll know how much headspace the wrong ‘solutions’ can take up. 


Sometimes, it feels easier to just leave things the way they are, right? Wrong. 


Because the cost of poor gut health on your quality of life? It’s a price you’re paying every single day. 


However, we REALLY want to get the message out about improving gut health without you spending a fortune in joining expensive competitors for the same information. 

Therefore; we are offering you the programme for only £97!

This is the absolute lowest we could squeeze the price to, considering the hours of effort and evidence searching we have done to be able to bring this to you. 


If you’ve got this far and you’re still reading, we’re sure you have what it takes. 


We’re sure you’re ready to truly take back control from  poor gut health. 


But only you can take the next move.


To sign up simply click the button below, follow the simple instructions on the page and you’ll have claimed your exclusive place. 


So… will you decide to let poor gut health win?


Or will you prove to yourself that you can change your life for the better? 


Whatever you decide, thank you for reading. We hope you’ve learned what it really takes to find relief. And we’d love to be the ones that help guide your journey. 


See you soon?


Cat Nash, RD & Rosie Hogg, RD


Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitians  

Course Leaders of The Gut Health Revival 

Co-founders of Oxford Gastro Dietitians 

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