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Mindful Eating Guide

This guide comes with tips, practices, prompts, and affirmations to help you restore your relationship with food.


The guide is structured to help you identify your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours around eating, while also developing a mindful relationship with food.


It encourages more mindful, conscious, and intentional eating behaviour by helping you become aware of your body's needs and making positive choices that nourish your body.


You'll be taken through prompts and affirmations to help you get in touch with your hunger signals, recognise emotional eating triggers, tune into your body's fullness cues, practice self-compassion, and make mindful food choices.


This guide is designed to be used as a companion for regular mindful eating practice. Practising mindful eating is important for positive gut health!


Using this mindful eating guide can help you develop new behaviours and attitudes around food that promote self-care and nourishment.


Start your journey to a healthier relationship with food today!


After purchase, you will recieve your PDF guide in the 'thank you' page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.


You are able to download this guide for personal use; however, by purchasing you are agreeing to not to resell, upload or widely distribute this product.


Mindful Eating Guide

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