Catherine Nash 

Gastroenterology Specialist Dietitian

How can Catherine help me?
Catherine is a specialist gastroenterology dietitian specialising in helping clients with holistic advice for improving gut health, inflammatory bowel disease, motility disorders, gastroparesis, slow transit constipation, pelvic floor dysfunction and many more conditions of the gastrointestinal system.

Why should I book with Catherine?
Catherine has years of experience working in the field of gastroenterology both within the NHS as the current gastroenterology team lead and also within private practice. She has previously suffered with slow transit so she knows first-hand the impact this can have on your life but with her personal experience and professional experience she knows the dietary and lifestyle factors that can improve

What is her style of treatment?
She loves to provide a holistic treatment plan, to ensure that a wide number of factors are considered when giving advice. Her clients have said that she provides clear advice and recommendations that are appropriate to their current goals and lifestyle.

More about Catherine...
Catherine has recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world and has two boys and a loving husband. She loves spending the weekend with her family and finding ways to be as sustainable as possible. She also loves writing blog articles for us, you can find some of them here Blog and can follow us on Instagram for more information.


Please note she is currently on maternity leave until August 2023.


Rosie Hogg

Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian

How can Rosie help me?
Rosie is a specialist gastroenterology dietitian specialising in helping clients with dietary and lifestyle advice for gut health, coeliac disease, IBS, FODMAP dietary advice, stoma management, pancreatitis, ‘functional’ symptoms such as bloating, wind, reflux, loose stools and constipation.

Why should I book with Rosie?
Being an IBS sufferer herself, she knows the positive impact that both diet and lifestyle factors can have on improving symptoms long term. Since working as a gastroenterology both within the NHS and private practice for the past 7 years, she has gained experience in a wide number of gastrointestinal disorders. She is very passionate and determined in finding the answers to your issues. Clients have described her as showing a genuine interest and passion. You can see more of her reviews on google and their Instagram page 

What is her style of treatment?
A lot of clients who are looking for dietary support have potentially tried a number of dietary exclusions or expect that they will have to cut out a million foods however this is not her approach. She always wants to make sure that the recommendations she makes fit into your current lifestyle. 
Whether you try to have a sustainable approach to eating, you are travelling constantly for work or whether you don’t enjoy cooking.

More about Rosie...

Besides helping run the clinic, Rosie loves spending time doing yoga, meditation, going on long hikes in the countryside and growing her own fruit and vegetables!