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Before booking a consultation, you are encouraged to book a free discovery call to discuss your case and introduce ourselves further.

Once you book with us online, you should expect to hear from us via the email you have provided on the contact form given during the booking process. 

We contact you via email in order to collect information which is essential for your appointment and we may ask you to


1. Complete a medical assessment form and telemedicine consent form which needs to be returned within 48 hours. This is to ensure that there is sufficient time to discuss your case at one of our team meetings.  This paperwork will include your personal, health and GP details, what you would like to achieve from the consultation, consent for your information to be securely stored, preferences regarding marketing and for us to be able to inform other healthcare professionals of your consultation and advice provided.


2. We will also send you a food and symptom diary to complete and return to us ideally no later than 48 hours prior to your consultation. This forms a part of our assessment and is helpful for us to understand your nutritional intake and dietary habits.

3. Please feel free to forward any relevant letters or test results. This helps us to provide the best advice tailored to you.

4. If you have not received an automatic link upon booking, please let us know as we can send you an email containing an invitation to a video consultation shortly before our consultation. Please ensure that you have the appropriate software platform installed on your device prior to the consultation. If you have a telephone consultation booked, then we will telephone you at the specified time to begin the consultation. Please allow up to an hour for all new appointments. 


5. After the consultation; with your consent, we will write a letter to you and your GP and/or Consultant, summarising what has been agreed. If there are any other Healthcare Professionals you wish to include then we will obtain their details from you and there is no charge for adding additional recipients.

6. If you have purchased a package; following your initial consultation, remaining appointments can be booked through emailing us at

Further appointments or contact via email will be arranged as necessary depending on your needs. We are happy to guide you upon this decision if needed.

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